MSD Saudi Arabia stared its operation in the Kingdom in 1978, since then we were keen to launch the most recent and innovative products, which provide prophylaxis and treatment for wide sectors of patients within the Saudi community.

MSD Saudi Arabia is a well-established subsidiary with its different departments, including Medical, Sales, Marketing, Financial, Human Resources, Customer Services, Communications and Vaccine pisions are working together as one team in order to serve the patients and the medical community.

We do not only provide medicine, we rather co-operate with health providers in many programs and projects which facilitate and update their scientific and medical knowledge with regard to the appropriate approaches in the management of their patients, an example of that but not limited to are:

1. Providing health economic and outcomes research data for decision making.
2. Disseminating the concept of evidence based medicine and its role in patients’ healthcare.
3. Invitation of the leading speakers in the Kingdom and provide update on current development in the medical and scientific field.